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Organizations now more than ever face the challenge of protecting their productivity as more employees begin to work remotely. At Hollywood Business Phone Systems, we understand that transitioning to remote working can be daunting, which is why our VPN access solution provides superior business internet, wireless backup solutions, and unified communications for reliable network security. Moreover, our system alerts users of any possible threats so their teams can remain productive. With our VPN access solution, organizations can ensure that work gets done reliably and securely outside the office walls – no matter where your employees are located! Thanks to our seamless VPN access solution, every organization is sure to cultivate an environment of successful remote working.

Remote Access VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Manage and protect every device in your environment.

With the current trend of digital transformation, businesses are faced with challenges such as creating secure remote working and collaboration solutions. That’s why Hollywood Business Phone Systems has developed a sophisticated telecommunication platform which enables virtual workforces to stay connected while remaining secure. Our technology is fitted with the latest security protocols that prevent cyber threats, meaning your sensitive data won’t be put at risk even when your employees are working from different locations. With our teleportation communication platform, you can enjoy advanced functionality and unparalleled safety for all remote teams and realize your business goals in a fast-paced environment. Make sure to take advantage of our revolutionary solutions and get on board the train of success – step into the future of secure telecommunication with Hollywood Business Phone Systems!

Unlock the potential of secure, remote access for your business with a reliable VPN and MFA. Cloud Directory simplifies user authentication by combining directories from several third-party integrations to create powerful control levels—without compromising system security. With next-generation IT solutions in tow, you can rest assured that all digital assets are safe while having central management over every device on the network; ensuring essential data is always just within reach!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers invaluable security measures for organizations managing large remote user populations. By incorporating multiple factors such as passwords, hardware tokens, and biometric verification, MFA delivers robust security and convenient access. As a result, VPN networks benefit from not just the strengthened security of MFA but also the streamlined management capabilities that automate the process for both administrators and users. Ultimately, multi-factor authentication provides a reliable and secure solution able to meet the dynamic needs of these types of networks.

Cloud Directory provides organizations with an innovative, comprehensive, and cost-efficient identity and access management solution to ensure ultimate security and compliance. It enables authorized users to connect securely with corporate resources on desktop or mobile devices without compromising the regulatory standards. The intuitive platform ensures that all sensitive data is fully safeguarded from unauthorized activities while its simple implementation process ensures a speedy deployment without sacrificing quality assurance. With Cloud Directory, corporations can have the confidence that their sensitive data remains secure while they explore other strategic avenues.


Remote Access VPNs provide an invaluable cyber security tool for businesses in today’s interconnected world. By enabling secure access to company data from any location, they are providing modern organizations with the ability to promote remote working while protecting their physical and digital assets. Not only this, but features such as anonymous web browsing and unrestricted access to network resources can also boost employee productivity. Moreover, these technologies guarantee that confidential information is protected when accessed outside a business’s corporate network, providing further security for companies’ operations. It is quickly becoming essential for commercial operations to leverage the benefits of VPNs in order to remain competitive in the digital era.

Security + MFA

Security protocols now need to go beyond the traditional framework in order to keep up with today’s reality of a largely remote workforce. The utilization of VPNs and MFA together creates an invaluable fortress-like defense against cyberthreats; one that allows legitimate users access while making it difficult for those without authorization to penetrate. Organizations benefit greatly from this added layer, as user authentication is vastly improved along with their network defenses – allowing them peace of mind when it comes to protecting critical applications and data from threats.

Any Device, Anywhere

Digital technology has given employees unprecedented freedom and mobility, meaning businesses must now adapt to ensure their assets are safe. Directory synchronization provides the perfect solution; combining multiple directories into one centralized hub while still giving authorized personnel fast access to data. Companies can capitalize on employee productivity without sacrificing security – empowering them with exactly what they need for efficient workflows, all in a protected environment!

Efficient Management & Billing

Hollywood Business Phone Systems helps your company achieve cost savings without compromising on quality or safety. Our expansive lineup of services, combined with SD-WAN solutions and cutting edge security features offer a flexible billing system that optimizes operations at an unbeatable price point – all tailored to suit individual business needs! Discover how our comprehensive service can benefit you today – get in touch now!